A change of location

You may have noticed that we haven’t been posting much here recently. There’s as simple explanation behind that – we’ve been run ragged with the biggest thing Rye River Brewery has ever done in it’s short history.

As crazy as it sounds, we’re in the middle of tearing apart our beloved brewery in Kilcock. It has served us well…very well in fact…and it’s not the end either. It’s just a change of location is all. Our new facility on the Dublin Road in Celbridge is bigger and better than any brewery we could have imagined, and at the moment, the first pieces of the brewery are getting ready to be shifted up the road to the new space.

The breakdown started the other day and the first piece to be removed was one of our mash-tuns. As Alex (our Head Brewer) cowered in a corner, we fired up the video recorder and watched the magic happen!