Taprooms; the much talked about but never established cherry on top of any Irish brewery. At Rye River Brewing Company we will be lucky enough to soon be pouring our own beers from a bar in the brewery in Celbridge. As much as we’d love it to be a taproom, technically it will be a bar. By that we mean a fully licensed public house, separate to the brewery.
No option to create a taproom exists in this country…and very few breweries are as lucky as us. We will have the ability to serve our own beers on-site. Breweries can welcome guests with open arms, show them the ins and outs of the brewery, tell them exactly how we make the beer we’re passionate about, even show them how we can take the beer straight from the tank and drink it…but cannot sell them any of that beer.
We strongly believe that there are numerous reasons taprooms need to happen and need to happen soon:



Fresh beer is the best beer

Packaging and distribution happens a little bit quicker when the beer is moving less than 50 meters! We produce a number of beers that are best had fresh. Take Francis for example, it’s a wonderful beer, but even better straight from the tank. It’s special. As it stands now, you’ll never get to drink the beer that fresh. Trust me, that is a travesty.



Beer Tourism

Taproom visits are also economically beneficial for both the brewer and the drinker. Can we promise the cheapest craft beer you’ll ever drink? No…but prices can be kept highly competitive. Something you may not know is that packaging, marketing, and distribution cost a lot more than barley and hops do. If local brewers had the ability to bypass those steps, their odds of staying afloat go through the roof…and we all want that. 2015 saw record levels of tourists visit Ireland and that’s a market that should be tapped into.



One off specials

Imagine the thrill. Heading straight to the source to try one-off beers. Amazing. These beers might be too ‘craft’ for a full release and so will be brewery-only innovations. This means brewers can let their hair down on the brewery floor. Maybe one of the brewers has a bunch of bananas he doesn’t need? Now that could be interesting!



Get educated

Taprooms on site in Irish breweries would be great places to further your craft beer education. If you love craft beer,  well then the real learning is done at the bar, . You could try a beer you’ve had a million times before, tweaked in a way that makes it a whole new experience. For example, we were able to pour an Unfiltered Lager at this years AllTech Festival, and the side by side learnings that beer nuts took away when comparing that beer and a standard Fancy Frank’s Lager was proof enough for us.