Here at Rye River, we have a collection of 28 unique recipes for a wide array of craft beers, which includes our award-winning McGargles range and of course, our limited-edition Rye River Seasonal beers. We also supply Lidl with their 8 Crafty Brewing Company beers, and we supply some exclusive brands to Tesco and Dunnes Stores, the Solas and Grafters beers, respectively. In order to ensure that we meet the demand for the various types of beer, the brewery operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Therefore, it takes a lot of organisation and planning to ensure all our brewing processes run smoothly.

Meet Nick

Perhaps the most integral part of this process is our quality control, which is carried out daily by our resident Quality Control Operator, Nick Doyle. We have 19 fermentation tanks here in the brewery, which are carefully monitored from the moment the beer goes into the tank to the day it’s bottled.

Nick takes a sample of beer from each tank every day and brings them to our on-site brewing lab to carry out his various tests. Essentially what Nick is looking for is that the fermentation process is occurring at the rate it’s supposed to. Both a pH test (which is a test for acidity) and a gravity test (which is also known as a strength test) are carried out before Nick completes the hardest part of his job, the taste test. All of the tests take about an hour in total to complete.


Fermentation Life Cycle

All the data is recorded and stored in order to create a fermentation life cycle chart for each beer we make here in the brewery, which can be used as a general guideline for future brews. Therefore, on the extremely rare occasion that a batch of beer wasn’t hitting its strength or pH targets, the proper corrective actions could be taken to solve these issues.