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Quality and consistency – It’s what we live and breathe. Making good beer and making sure every drop of it is just as good as the last. So whether we’re working on a new flavour, or brewing a new beer we’ve been brewing since we started off, we take the same approach.



We’re very into what we put into our beers. We use hand-selected malts with different combinations for different brews. The same goes for our hops, where we select the very best from around the world to ensure they’re as fresh as can be and we get exactly what we’re looking for. We propagate our own yeast strains in-house so we know they’re consistent and unique to us.


Beer is at least 90% water, so we care about the water that we use in our brews. All our recipes have a unique water profile that matches the style of beer. We get this just right with our on-site reverse osmosis water purification system.


We work hard to make our beers taste the way they do. It’d be a shame to strip any of those flavours out with harsh filtrations so we focus on using a centrifuge to do the heavy lifting and spin out any particles, leaving all the flavour and quality there for you to taste.

We ensure all our beers are checked for optimum quality by our brewers and taste panel before they leave us. Yep, beer tastings are a tough gig, but someone’s got to do it!


All our beers are brewed in small 2,500L so every batch gets the attention it deserves. We run our own bottling, canning and kegging lines in house and work hard to ensure the freshest beer reaches you.

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