Rye River Brewery’s beautiful new tanks!

The good times just keep on coming at Rye River Brewing Company and two pieces of absolute joy (the tanks) arrived from Germany yesterday.

What are the tanks for?

We’re going to be using these tanks to mature lagers in. Lagers are a tricky beer. They need to be matured at low temperatures, so these tanks allow us to pump liquid through a stainless steel jacket that’s wrapped around the tank to keep the beer at the perfect temperature. The beer also needs to mature in the tank for a much longer period than a standard ale. Using these larger, 25,000 litre tanks means that we’ll be able to free up other tanks on the brewery floor to brew more beautiful ales while our lagers can age to perfection.

Our own propagated lager yeast strain means that we can make a traditional, clean, Helles style lager as it’s a bottom-fermenting yeast – as opposed to similar style such as Kolsch and Altbier which use a more standard top-fermenting yeast.


Alex is excited about his new tanks…clearly!