Continued growth at Rye River!

Rye River Brew House



On this day in 2016 we were busy installing our brew house in our Celbridge brewery. Zoom forward two years and we are taking delivery of our eighteenth and nineteenth stainless fermentation vessels manufactured in Cork by Blackwater Engineering. The excitement was palpable this morning with everyone coming to watch (from a safe distance) the installation of our new stainless steel.



Rye River Brewery floor
The floor was clear and ready to receive our new stainless steel vessels.The team had been very busy over the past week getting the place ready.





New Stainless lands at Rye River
It was a good day to take delivery of our new fermentation vessels, luckily we had a break from the recent stormy weather.





New stainless being backed in to the brewery
It was tricky backing the truck bearing the precious cargo into the brewery but it made it in slowly but surely.





The stainless being lifted! Kudos to the crane operator who made maneuvering the large fermentation vessels look like child’s play. They were off loaded without a hitch. 





stainless being put into place

Some more skillful crane manipulation lowered the first stainless fermentation vessel into place under the watchful eye of our Site Engineer Sean. In no time at all our two new stainless steel tanks were in place.





Shiny stainless!Next week we are taking delivery of a new Bright Beer Tank. We are proud to be able to say that all of our stainless steel is Irish. We are delighted that we have worked with Blackwater Engineering, Buckley Engineering and Spectac to build our Brewhouse, Fermentation Vessels and Bright Beer Tanks. We are really looking forward to bringing you more of our great beers in 2018. Sláinte!