As part of his studies for a degree in Food Technology, Hein Van Baast came from the Netherlands to embark on a 10 week internship at the McGargles Brewery.

Just like Ireland, the popularity of Craft Beer in Holland has grown over the last few years. Before coming here, as part of my degree, I did two internships at breweries close to my university. In the Netherlands, we have yet to establish our unique style of Craft Beers, so ours tend to be very similar to those brewed in Belgium and Germany.

In Belgium, the big focus in the brewing process is on the yeast, while in Ireland there is a big priority placed on malts, which is why so many delicious stouts and red ales are produced here. In this area, I have learnt most while at McGargles; how to put together different recipes and to emphasise other ingredients for a distinct flavour.

The production in McGargles is different to anything I’ve ever experienced. Even as an intern, my opinions are valued and taken seriously. When I finish my studies, I plan to pursue a career in brewing and hope to develop an original Dutch style of Craft Beer.