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Great Taste 2019 Awards for Rye River Brewing!

The prestigious Great Taste Awards have been described as the ‘Oscars of the food world’! They are organised by the Guild of Fine Food and they shine a light on the very best quality food and drinks. The focus is very much on the taste of the products rather than any fancy packaging or clever marketing.

We are delighted to announce that we were awarded stars for seven of the beers we brew here at Rye River Brewing. As this once again highlights our dedication to brewing world class beers!

Rye River wins Great Taste Awards

The Grafters Working Day IPA and Clocking Off Kolsch both were deemed worthy of Two Stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards. Grafters Working Day IPA makes a perfect finish to any day with it’s delicious hoppy bite. Grafters Clocking Off Kolsch is true to style and is very easy to drink with some barbeque. You can find these beers in Dunnes Stores nationwide.


The Solas Brown Porter, Session IPA and Belgian Wit were all awarded One Star each. The judges had this to say about the beers: Solas Brown Porter is ‘A deep caramel coloured beer, this delivers vivid coffee notes on the nose that follow through well onto the palate with a richness that lingers brilliantly on the palate.’ Solas Session IPA has ‘..quite a juicy fruit flavour, with some well-balanced bitterness from the hops and an almost chewy mouthfeel.’Solas Belgian Wit  has ‘All the elements of a Belgian wheat beer but with a light hand – more delicate than some of the spicier and heavier Belgian wheat beers, which can be cloying.’ These beers are sold in Tesco stores across Ireland.

The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Lager and Irish Pale Ale were both awarded One Star. The Crafty Brewing Irish Lager is brewed in the traditional European Pilsner style and noble hops give it a refreshing lightly bitter taste. It is also lagered for a minimum of 35 days. Ella is used in The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Pale Ale to give it a distinctive hop aroma. These beers are available exclusively in Lidl stores.

This Great Taste Award winning line up is a credit to our brewing team. They are rightly very proud of these beers! Why not pick up some to try over the weekend? You can celebrate this success with us!

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