Grafter’s Kolsch Style Beer…

We’re delighted to have extended our Grafter’s range with two beautiful new beers…a Porter and a Kölsch-Style Beer. We’re Irish, so we know what Porter is…but what is a Kölsch? Long story short, it is a popular “warm weather beer” and a true German classic.

The name Kölsch is derived from its location… Koln, Germany (or Cologne for those of us not German).  The name indicates that the beer was brewed in the traditional style of that particular city.

A true Kölsch can only be brewed by a member of the Koln Brewers Union. Much like the name “champagne” in the world of wine, the name Kölsch is protected and controlled by the Union and may not be used by anyone else, hence our latest brew being called a Kölsch-Style Beer. They don’t call their beers Irish and we don’t call our beers German, it’s respect. So we know we’re only working to the style. The Kölsch style.

Our Grafter’s Kölsch-Style Beer is golden in color with a beautifully clear finish. The beer has a delicate, lightly fruity flavor with a dry and medium hoppy finish from Mandarina Bavaria hops.  A very refreshing beer, it’d be perfect if the sun ever decided to show up in Ireland!

While it is brewed as an ale, with a top-secret strand of our own house yeast, it undergoes a cold fermentation and maturation period, just like a lager normally would.

Grafter’s Kölsch-Style Beer is available in Dunnes Stores all over Ireland now.