The Crafty Brewing Company’s newest addition

The brewers in Rye River have been very busy lately. They’ve been busy producing a brand new beer for the award-winning Crafty Brewing Company. A range of beers that we produce exclusively for Lidl. Embracing a style we have never brewed commercially before, we’re very proud to announce the upcoming release of The Crafty Brewing Company’s American Style Pale Wheat Ale.

Put simply, this beer is an alternate version of a Hefe Weizen, and brags a beautiful pale straw colour. This beer pours clearer than a traditional Hefe Weizen due to our use of a centrifuge. The beer has a long-lasting head with a genuinely silky mouth-feel as a result of the large amount of wheat in the grain bill. German Weizen flavors and aromas of banana esters and clove-like phenols will not be found. Instead, you’ll experience an explosion of citrus and pineapple flavours from this very easy drunk 5% ale.

Crafty Brewing Company

Hopped using Cascade and Mosaic. Our American Style Pale Wheat Ale’s lasting bitterness will be a talking point long after this limited edition is gone.