Ireland is a home to gorgeous castles, incredibly peaceful cemetery, awesome bog landscape, cliffs, beaches and Guinness. It is also a great place to a huge variety of popular craft beers. With so many wonderful things to do, to visit, to taste and to explore in Ireland, more and more individuals are dying to get to the place. In fact, many people around the world, aspire to visit Ireland, and have the chance to taste our delicious craft beer Ireland.

Craft beer is taking the brewing world & Ireland by storm. So, if you are among those individuals planning to visit Ireland, this is one thing that you should never miss – join the beer lovers there and taste the delicious craft beer in Ireland. The rising tastes for craft beer is growing and both bar customers & owners are taking notes of the growing number of craft beer fans and its possibilities.

Whether you have already tasted craft beer in Ireland, or not, craft beer sounds unhealthy as it seems, but there are actually a lot of good reasons why you should drink craft beer and these are the following:

We can’t say that craft beer Ireland is the new superfood of the season, but it does have its health benefits! Small batch and mass produced beers both contain B vitamins, selenium, niacin, phosphorus, fiber, protein and folate. With that it’s a dietary source of silicon- this is recognized as assisting in the prevention of osteoporosis. Craft beers often feature funk labels, creative ingredients and quirky descriptions. So while they look better compared to mass -produced brew, the ingredients have confirmed that although looks are great, it really is what’s on the inside that counts!

Craft Beers Taste Better

One of the main reasons why people love to drink craft beer is because of its unmatched in taste when compared to other beers out there. Perhaps some of you are asking why? Well, the reason behind it is because the craft brewers spend their time focusing on the quality of beer instead of focusing on their stock prices and marketing campaigns. Craft brewers put their heart & soul into producing the most amazing quality craft beers for everyone. They always ensure that the ingredients used in producing the beer are high quality which no doubt creates the unique and delicious taste! 

More Choices

Another great benefit and common reason why most people love to drink craft beer is because they have so much choice. There are about 1,600 craft- breweries that can make delicious, flavorful and quality craft beers. Most importantly, they are not making old beer, either. All craft breweries make their beer in their own unique and special ways with their own quality and special ingredients as well.