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Craft Beer Ireland

Ireland is a home to gorgeous castles, incredibly peaceful cemetery, awesome bog landscape, cliffs, beaches and Guinness. It is also a great place to a huge variety of popular craft beers. With so many wonderful things to do, to visit, to taste and to explore in Ireland, more and more individuals are dying to get […]

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Malt, wonderful malt!

Malt generally gets overlooked by brewers these days with everyone losing their minds about the new hops coming out every day, but really it’s the soul of the beer. It can be easy to make a malt forward beer sometimes if you’re using a high percentage of speciality malts like crystal, chocolate, aromatic, roast… the list […]

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Look out, I have a hops torpedo and I’m not afraid to use it

Head Brewer Alex Lawes explains how the latest piece of gadgetry added to the McGargles bag of tricks is utilised in the brewing process, and the manner in which it alters a beer’s flavour profile.

Here at McGargles, we are constantly seeking means of improving our methods of production, while enhancing the flavour of our beers. […]

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Behind every great beer is a great story!

We caught up with our Head Brewer Alex Lawes and with Francis Finan the persona behind our latest McGargles family member, to discuss the search for exceptional hops, Clydesdales, and being the Long Lost McGargle!


In today’s competitive and bustling craft beer scene it can be sometimes hard to do exactly what you want. We felt […]

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A little bit of TLC

The secret ingredient to the best beer and food is a little bit of TLC

Having worked as a chef in his native Venezuela before coming to Ireland, McGargles shift brewer Daniel Cesari discusses the similarities between the professions and some of his favourite foods to enjoy with craft beer.

I worked in many different kitchens over […]

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Heard of Yeast

Preet Singh, microbiologist at McGargles, gives his insight into some of the scientific methods applied in the brewing process.

Having just completed my degree in Bio-Technology at Maynooth University, I consider myself very lucky to now be working here at McGargles, as one of the resident microbiologists. While at college, I never really considered pursuing […]

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A day in the life of a brewer

Head Brewer Alex Lawes offers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at the McGargles brewery, and the workload required to turn raw materials into delicious beer. 

You’re not so much a brewer at times as you are a fireman. You’ve a fire to put out 24/7 between deliveries being delayed, making sure your […]

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Learning the tricks of the trade at McGargles

As part of his studies for a degree in Food Technology, Hein Van Baast came from the Netherlands to embark on a 10 week internship at the McGargles Brewery.

Just like Ireland, the popularity of Craft Beer in Holland has grown over the last few years. Before coming here, as part of my degree, I […]

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How I became a Brewer

Owen Ashmore discusses his five year journey from mechanical engineer to shift brewer at Rye River Brewing Company.

My interest in brewing was piqued during a trip to Vegas, when I tried a high quality craft beer for the first time. After drinking Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, I realised that the world of beer had so […]

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Yeast – Take 2

Over the past few weeks we’ve been trying to select a yeast that’s going to work across the board here at the brewhouse. You could go all out, all guns blazing and decide ‘Right, that’s the only one I want. Let’s just work with that one. I want it. Let’s get it now’ , or […]

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